The future of fuel is green

FUELLA is a hydrogen platform at the forefront of the energy transition. We are developing, building and operating green hydrogen and green ammonia plants, among others the first large-scale green ammonia plant in Europe.

Project Skipavika

Skipavika Green Ammonia (SkiGA) is one of Europe’s most advanced large-scale green ammonia production projects. Located in the vicinity of the industrial harbor of Mongstad, an important hub for the oil and gas industry, SkiGA is pioneering the transition to green fuels. This project is developed by FUELLA in partnership with Skipavika Næringspark and EnBW. The project will be designed and built by Casale, a global leader in the field of ammonia plants.

What’s New?

Latest news and updates around FUELLA

EnBW has announced today its partnership with the Skipavika (SkiGA) project and Fuella, and we are very thrilled and pleased to have EnBW and such a great team as partner on this.

This is another major milestone for Fuella, after ACP | Allianz Capital Partners decision to fund Fuella just a few weeks ago. Together we will develop a comprehensive green ammonia supply chain between Norway, Germany and Europe. Way to go! Carl Jørgen B. Johannessen Eric Hungerbühler Parinat Hemphak Olivia Barnes Cornel Russi Henning Lyche Christiansen Daniel Hacki Wenting Jiang, CFA
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